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At War with the World

by Neurotic Existence

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Intro 01:27
Another lost soul No hope at all Yes sir, we are at war with the world No compromises, nor a step back We are gonna set this night on fire It's a lifetime on a dark path The fuckers on top gonna get their payback It's a raw assault, this beat is my soundtrack It is a declaration of war, no time for lullabies Gonna shoot at their head with these rhymes No compromises, nor a step back I lost my own peace of mind It's a lifetime on a dark path Gonna take back what was mine We are at war, at war with the world
Again unstable, again on your knees Falling apart piece by piece It is an endless struggle, you used to call life No difference if you live or die There is no shelter and you cannot win,  Filled up with hate and anguish Shining days turn into gloomy times It ain’t a way out, contemplating suicide Cursed to roam in a nightmare Cursed to roam in a nightmare forever Life is a shit, not a fairy tale Just waiting to fill the next grave Ouf of love, out of time Out of control of your own mind
A hopeless creature from a dying place Being born there, is my worst disgrace Remembering it, makes me want to slit my wrists I’ve never felt at home, I will never be homesick Anger, resignation, desperation, annihilation
Lemmy Alone 02:23
Punch the clock, time to bop Here comes the doctor rock Gimme a push over the top Bullet belt and iron fist By death, I have been kissed Lemmy, forever you are gonna be missed No rest for the wicked This is the way I want to live Grinding away your jaws and teeth Born to lose live to win You know, the snakebite kiss Double stake or split, What the fuck do you need more? Gimme motorhead, Lemmy alone Rock’n’roll is my daily dose Rock’n’roll is time to bop Rock’n’roll punch the clock Rock’n’roll gimme always more
I am not here to steal his lights, Ain't here to steal the king´s spotlights Nasty gaze and judgmental mind You are the number one, the king of fools go fuckin´ die Disguised as the number one The king of fools You are just the king of the scum You ain't so cool You are not the one we need The king of fools I don't need you, no no no no Punk means freedom and equality I rather the underdogs, and still believe in unity Punk means freedom and equality You pretend to fight the system, but you create hierarchy
Started to lose when you were still in the womb Started to fall apart when I wasn’t even born Into the darkness I had to learn how to feel alright Into the darkness, it sparkles my inner light Watch me bleed Devil rides me, feeling trapped and distressed I hold a knife between my teeth, what is comin' next Few highs, a lot of lows, alone against the world I am alone, but I gotta hold on Cause in the darkness you have no choice but to fight Fight against your inner ghosts, the present and your own mind Watch me bleed, watch me bleed I am not a give upper, I won´t give in
Every time you talked, I only heard a nasty bla bla bla Big goals and hopes, your every word was a trap Slandered people, used words as knifes You miserable prick, get out of my life What the fuck do you want from me? Stay the fuck away from me Bullshit and lies Go fuck yourself, stay out of my life Bullshit and lies Go fuck yourself, you are just a waste of time Gossip and rumors, spitting venom through your tongue Just a waste of breath, like a tumor in my head Spreading rumours, it's what you have done Get the fuck away, I'm gonna feel better when you are gone What the fuck do you want from me? Stay the fuck away from me We don´t need you We don´t fuckin need you


Recorded in 2020 by Jacke at Track1 Studios in Bremen
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory

Vinyl version released by Kink Records and Angry Voice Records


released April 25, 2021


all rights reserved



Neurotic Existence Bremen, Germany

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